How Much Does Our Online Ordering System Cost?


Clickgrub AI Customer Service & eCommerce provides a complete online ordering system at no cost to you, PLUS $500 in paid orders. Rather than charging monthly fees or commissions, we implement a 15% menu markup. This markup covers hosting, SSL, updates, support, integration, transaction and gateway fees, foundational local SEO, food photo shoots, and advertising.

Try it out and 2X or 3X your online orders without using cash.

What's Included For FREE:


Web Chat Video

We engage your website visitors instantly, boosting conversions with personalized greetings. They can access your FREE Online Ordering System and, with our AI Customer Service, make reservations and get information 24/7 with live chat.


Unlimited Online Orders

We offer a system with no caps, commissions, or hidden fees. Your restaurant can accept unlimited dine-in, takeout, delivery, curbside, catering, and other orders,


Customizable Menu

We add images, descriptions, and pricing to reflect your offerings.


Order Management

We streamline your order processing with our intuitive dashboard, ensuring no order is missed.


POS and Delivery Integration

We seamlessly integrate your operations with your Google Business Profile, over 100+ ordering platforms, and 50+ POS systems. It eliminates the need to manage multiple software systems, tablets, or printers for ordering processing. (Please allow up to 20 business days to complete integrations after the AI Customer Service Trial.)


Payment Integration

We seamlessly integrate payments through our payment gateway, ensuring a smooth checkout experience for your customers. Best of all, gateway and transaction fees are included at no additional cost to you.


Customer Support

We offer 24/7 live chat support to assist you with any queries or technical issues.


Analytics & Reporting

We provide detailed reports that give insights into your sales performance, customer preferences, and more.


Coupon Builder

We help create and manage special offers and discounts for you to attract more customers.


Rewards Program

We implement a loyalty program so that you can get purchases more often from your current customers.


QR Code Ordering

We enable customers to place orders quickly and conveniently using QR codes.


Foundational Local SEO

We continuously enhance your visibility by optimizing your Google Business Profile, food photos, FAQs, posts, and local listings. We connect you with potential customers through a robust network of directories, social platforms, foundational local SEO strategies, hyper-local pages, and press releases.


Expanded Advertising Distribution

We transform every card transaction at your restaurant into an investment. Enjoy 5% cash back on all your guests' eCommerce transactions, up to $1,000 monthly or $12,000 annually. Use these rewards to enhance your offer, advertising, and targeting strategies on platforms like Google, YouTube, and Display Networks, driving more customer traffic to your FREE Online Ordering System.

Optional Paid Add-Ons:


AI Customer Service

14-Day Free Trial: Try our cutting-edge AI Customer Service free for two weeks to validate your FREE online ordering system for life!

We will launch your online ordering system within ten business days after completing the trial.

After Trial: $697 per month after the trial. PLEASE NOTE: If you haven't used our AI Customer Service within 14 days, it will be automatically canceled when your Trial ends to prevent unintended charges.


- Efficiently handle frequently asked questions and special requests.

- Manage your online reputation and social media presence.

- Automate scheduling for appointments, reservations, and follow-ups.

- Promptly respond to reviews and missed calls

All features are automatically managed 24/7 through a central communication dashboard powered by AI, saving you potentially thousands in time, money, and lost opportunities each month while enhancing customer relationships.


Optimized Restaurant Website

One-Time Fee: $2,500+ with no monthly fees (Financing Available)


- Website story development with copy writing up to 10 pages and dedicated landing pages for popular menu items in neighboring cities.

- All hosting, maintenance, updates, page speed optimization, and SSL certificates.

- SEO H1 and Meta and ALT tag Keyword optimization for better search engine visibility.

- Google Business Profile update, local listing updates, and a press release.

*AI Customer Service Required.


Restaurant Branding Package

One-Time Fee: $1,800 (Financing Available)


- Custom logo design.

- 1,000 business cards.

- 1,000 Letterheads and envelopes.

- Consistent branding across all materials.


Restaurant-Branded Mobile App

One-Time Fee: $2,500 (Financing Available) Features:

- Custom mobile app branded for your restaurant.

- Easier internal order fulfillment.

- One-click rendering.

- Geofencing capabilities.

- Push notifications to engage customers.


Restaurant Commercial Capital Solutions (US Only)

Future Sales Financing: We purchase up to 10% of your future sales at a discount to provide working capital now.

SBA, Term, Real Estate, and Other Business Loans: Get the funds you need with customizable repayment terms.

Lease-to-Own Equipment: Secure your restaurant's essential equipment for efficient operation while preserving cash for working capital. Lease everything from furniture, fixtures, and equipment to POS hardware, with the option to purchase at the end of the lease term for a fair market price or as little as one dollar.

Equipment Rebate Program: Receive up to $3,600 in rebates through 36 monthly credits when you purchase eligible new hardware with cash, credit, or lease and activate a new or upgraded software subscription.

Business Credit Building: Boost your Business Credit Score by up to 40 points with major business credit bureaus in three to six months, unlocking new financing opportunities without using your social security number.


Restaurant Cash Back Program

5% Cash Back: We transform every card transaction at your restaurant into an investment. Earn 5% cash back on all your guest card transactions, whether in-person, manual, or invoice, up to $1,000 monthly or $12,000 annually.

Funding: Utilize this cashback to invest in our offer, ad, and targeting strategies across platforms like Google, YouTube, and Display Networks. Additionally, you can use it to cover up to $400 of the monthly subscription fees for our POS software or AI Customer Service system.


Restaurant Promotion Without Using Cash

Digital Advertising Campaigns: Promote your offers, reviews, and brand without using cash. Use your restaurant's products, services, and other assets to finance and pay for digital advertising campaigns.


Restaurant Subscriptions and Fundraisers

Predictable Income: Subscriptions and fundraisers provide a consistent source of income, helping with cash flow management and financial stability.

Annual Subscription: Our AI Customer Service subscription is required for qualified restaurants and is paid annually.

(Financing Available)


Restaurant Press Release With Photo and Video

One-Time Fee: $2,500+

- High-quality photos and videos of your restaurant.

- Professional editing to ensure your restaurant looks the best

- Press Release content creation and media distribution optimized for use on your website, social media, on marketing materials.

- Enhance your online presence and attract more customers with visually appealing media

- Up to four hours of dedicated shooting time

- Financing Available


eGift Cards (US Only)

Monthly Fee: $30.00

- Increase gift card sales and save money compared to traditional plastic gift cards

- Mastercard validates the payment, and you will be paid as you would with any Mastercard transaction

- No special devices or integration are required


Payroll, Benefits, and HR Services (US Only)

Monthly Fee: $99 per month per employee

- It Includes: payroll services, group healthcare benefits, and HR tools your restaurant needs to attract and retain the best employees. (Minimum ten employees)

- Free Recruiting: system for restaurants with 15 or more participating employees. (Coming 2025)


AI Phone Customer Service

24/7/365 Agent: Imagine a customer service agent that works non-stop, never takes a break, and turns every call into a revenue or loyalty opportunity. Our phone customer service agents can handle hundreds of requests, inquiries, reviews, scheduling, online orders, and outbound sales and service calls simultaneously, significantly reducing the need for additional staff. This can translate to tens of thousands in labor cost savings while converting each call to more revenue and excellent customer service.

One-Time Setup: Our AI Phone Customer Service starts with a one-time setup fee of $2,997. This fee includes continuous coaching and management for your AI customer service agent and voice cloning of you or a staff member. This service requires our AI Customer Service.

Affordable: As Low as $0.25 per minute used – more affordable and effective than training employees to follow your system consistently 24/7/365. Plus, there are no monthly fees for your AI Customer Service Agent.

Increase Customer Satisfaction: Provide 24/7/365 consistent, high-quality customer service. No long holds or misread handwritten tickets.

Efficient Order and Reservation Processing: Streamline and improve order and reservation accuracy with professional customer service 24/7/365.

Get Started with Clickgrub eCommerce

So, where's the smoking gun? There isn't one! We understand that many restaurant owners need more time or money to manage marketing, technology, and distribution channels for their restaurants. That's why we've decided to take care of everything for them at no upfront cost, plus $500 in paid orders, by applying just a 15% menu markup. This package includes hosting, SSL, updates, support, integration, transaction and gateway fees, foundational local SEO, advertising, and more.

Our Competitors Only Provide Tools and Wish You Luck.



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