FREE Online Ordering System For Life + $500 In Paid Orders!

When You Try Our AI Customer Service For 14 Days.

How to Get Started:

How to Get Started:

  • Sign up for a 14-day free trial of our AI Customer Service! Skip the demo and experience our AI Agent firsthand. Share your success story in a video interview. No commitment is necessary—your trial will automatically cancel if not used.

    See CRM features and benefits.

  • Unlimited Orders: Enjoy unlimited dine-in, takeout, fee-free delivery, corporate catering, employee meals, meal deals, family meal orders, and more without spending cash.

  • No Cost to You: A 15% menu markup covers hosting, SSL, support, integration, transaction and gateway fees, foundational local SEO, PR, and paid ads.

  • Complete Ownership: Control your brand, reviews, promotions, and customer data.

  • Seamless Integration: Integration with 50+ POS systems and 100+ order platforms, all supported by our payment and gateway solutions.

  • Freedom: Cancel anytime with no long-term contracts.


Top Four Reasons to Choose Clickgrub eCommerce?

Customer Rewards Program

We empower you to provide an exceptional rewards program, fostering loyalty, encouraging repeat orders via your FREE Online Ordering System, and enriching overall customer satisfaction.

Foundational Local SEO

We consistently improve your visibility through Google Business Profile and connect with potential customers via a global network of directories, social platforms, SEO, and hyper-local pages to increase direct traffic to your FREE Online Ordering System.

Expanded Advertising Distribution

We will provide your restaurant with 5% cash back on all your guests' eCommerce transactions, up to $1,000 monthly or $12,000 annually. These funds may be invested in offer, review, branding ads, and AI and machine learning targeting strategies on platforms like Google, YouTube, display networks, private brand networks, and third-party marketplaces. This will help drive more direct customer traffic to your FREE Online Ordering System.


Web Chat Video

We instantly engage your website visitors, boosting conversions with personalized greetings and guidance. Visitors can quickly access your FREE Online Ordering System. If you continue with our AI customer service after the trial, they'll also be able to make reservations, request special services, order online, arrange group dining, receive responses to missed calls and reviews, and get answers to FAQs through live chat available 24/7/365.

($2,500 Value)

Try it for yourself. It's FREE!


Automatically Resolve Up To 80% of Customer Inquiries

After completing the 14-day trial of our AI customer service, we will launch your FREE "Better Than DoorDash" online ordering system within ten business days.

AI Customer Service

Feature and Benefits

Centralized Conversations Hub

Imagine a restaurant using our AI-powered Centralized Conversations Hub where customers can reach out for online orders, catering, subscription orders, reservations, group inquiries, emails, SMS, Google Business Profile inquiries, live chat, reviews, missed calls, and social media messages.

Our AI Customer Service Agent keeps your restaurant open for business 24/7/365 and handles queries, requests, reviews, feedback, and messages. It also manages group booking appointments and reservations, sends reminders, and follows up on missed calls from one place. We continuously coach and manage our AI agent to automate up to 80% of inquiries with a human touch, seamlessly transferring conversations to human staff at your restaurant when needed.

All while enhancing customer loyalty and freeing up your staff for critical tasks—all for less than $1.00 per hour.

BONUS: For a limited time, get a free setup for our AI Phone Customer Service. ($2,997 value)

Reputation and Social Media Management

Increase your online presence with our AI Reputation Management Agent. We continuously coach and manage our agents like a human to proactively request reviews, showcase positive feedback on Google, and share five-star reviews on social media. This enhances your reputation, attracts more customers, and drives traffic. Plus, we keep your social media vibrant by posting across multiple platforms.

Automate Reservations & Appointments

Operate more efficiently with our AI Customer Service Agent, which is designed to simplify the booking process for you and your guests. We continuously coach and manage our AI agents like a human to automatically handle reservations and appointments on your calendar, send reminders to ensure attendance, and follow up for reviews and feedback: experience hassle-free scheduling and enhanced customer engagement.

Respond to Reviews and Missed Calls

Reduce response times to reviews and missed calls to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty. We continuously coach and manage our AI Customer Service Agents like humans to ensure customer interactions are handled automatically yet humanly and fast. This creates a positive experience that keeps guests coming back. We help you stay connected with your customers effortlessly!

Try it for yourself. It's Free!


Do More With A Flexible Online Ordering Platform

QR Code Ordering System

Generate your QR codes to allow customers to scan and order from their devices.

Curbside Pick Up

Offer your customers the convenience of picking up their food at the restaurant entrance in a designated area. Increase orders by up to 20% with the drive-through experience!

Catering Management System

Our software seamlessly accommodates special ordering and delivery specifications for your catering orders.

Fundraisers and Subscriptions

Allow customers the opportunity to support their child's school or a favorite non-profit organization through annual subscription sales.


We Are Loved For Our Sincerity

FREE "Better Than DoorDash"Online Ordering System For Life + $500 in Paid Orders.

Enjoy a seamless and cost-free online ordering solution for your restaurant, with no hidden fees or monthly charges, ever. Plus, $500 in paid orders.


We empower independent restaurants by providing them with the latest creative content, technology, and increased distribution channels typically available to large chain restaurants.

Expand Into New Markets

Clickgrub offers restaurants the opportunity to expand their reach and revenue without the overhead expense of an additional physical location.

Security and Data Privacy

Your data's security is our top priority. Our platform is built with the latest security measures to keep your information safe.

Promotional Systems

Don't rely on taking dine-in customers from your competitor's slice of the pie. Instead, increase the pie by promoting unlimited takeout, fee-free delivery, corporate catering, employee meals, meal deals, private brand orders, and family meal orders online.

"You're not genuinely serving your customers if you're always watching your competitors. Focus on deeply understanding and solving your customers' problems; more success will follow naturally."


What They're All Saying About Clickgrub

Andrew Loyd

Titusville, FL,

"Clickgrub was the clear choice for me due to its free platform and a colleague's strong recommendation. The ability to focus on our branding was a major draw, and the online ordering integration with our current systems and the CRM made the decision simple."

Paul Bachman

Chicago, IL

"Clickgrub's Quick Menu Setup feature has revolutionized the way we handle our extensive menu. The system is both user-friendly and reliable, with a visually appealing interface that our customers love. It operates without any crashes or lags, addressing all the requirements of a modern restaurant."

António Ferreira

Lisbon, Portugal

"Clickgrub's online ordering software is incredibly efficient. The seamless POS integration ensures smooth operations, and the feature that automatically selects the nearest location for the customer is particularly beneficial given our multiple locations."

Try it for yourself. It's Free!

Integrations You Will Love!

Seamlessly Connect with Your Google Business Profile, 100+ Ordering Platforms, and 50+ POS Systems.


No Time To Set Up? Leave It To Us!

Share your menu with us, and we'll complete the setup so you can start accepting direct online orders in ten business days or less after your AI-powered CRM trial!



How does the AI Customer Service benefit my restaurant online and in-store?

With the power of our automated resolutions, our AI customer service agent performs the work of several full-time staff members. Rather than compete to find new employees, redeploy these employees to enhance your restaurant and reduce labor costs. The efficiencies gained from implementing an AI customer service agent allow you to deliver excellence in service to your most valued clients, thereby increasing customer satisfaction, loyalty, and, ultimately, in-store and online purchases.

How long does it take to start my Free "Better Than Doordash" Online Ordering System for Life and $500 in Paid Orders?

Your free online ordering system will be up and running within ten business days after your 14-day AI-powered CRM trial. Simply share your restaurant's dine-in, take-out, delivery, curbside, and catering details, and we'll take care of everything at no cost to you. Plus, you'll receive $500 in paid orders after a whole calendar month of processing at least $1,500 in orders through our system.


Do I need technical skills for Clickgrub's In-store and eCommerce AI customer service?

Absolutely not. We handle the setup and management of your AI customer service for in-store and online ordering, enabling you to elevate your customer experience and increase orders. Our online order system seamlessly takes orders while our AI customer service agent automatically answers questions and requests, books reservations, schedules appointments, and responds to missed calls and reviews.

Why get Clickgrub's Free Online Ordering System for Life + $500 in paid orders if I Already Have an Online Order System?

Our complimentary system compliments your current online ordering setup, offering your guests even more ways to order from your restaurant. After your AI-powered CRM trial, you'll enjoy unlimited, commission-free orders for life with zero upfront or ongoing costs, plus $500 in orders after your first whole calendar month of processing at least $1,500 in orders through our system.. You'll fully own your customer data and benefit from seamless integrations with over 50 POS systems and 100+ order platforms. Our gateway and payment solutions come at no cost to you, and there are no long-term contracts—cancel anytime.

Why should I continue using third-party delivery platforms?

Third-party platforms are a valuable marketing channel for attracting new customers despite getting a bad rap. We’ll show you how to convert these customers into direct orders through your free online ordering system. By setting profitable prices on third-party platforms and adding QR code stickers to delivery bags that direct customers to your site, you can reduce costs and increase margins on future orders.

Is it necessary for my restaurant to have an app?

It's optional. Studies have shown that apps can significantly increase sales, as your best customers often prefer apps from their favorite restaurants.

Why would our guests choose our free online ordering system over third-party websites?

Guests save money by ordering dine-in, take-out, delivery, curbside, and catering directly through your free online ordering system, bypassing the higher fees typically charged by third-party websites. Additionally, you can offer a rewards program where guests earn points for frequent orders, which can be redeemed for free food and other exclusive perks.

Will you create my marketing campaigns at no cost to me?

Absolutely! We handle that for you at no cost by reinvesting 5% of your customer card payments back into your restaurant. Achieving business success requires a dedicated team for various functions, as no one can excel at everything. We enable you to focus on your strengths while we invest our time and money in offers, ads, and targeted strategies for your restaurant. Think of us as your complimentary marketing department.

Can you ensure our marketing campaigns are effective?

Marketing is a science, and like any science project, it requires testing to see results and improve outcomes. So, unless you have time for science projects, let us continuously test our marketing campaigns to ensure they effectively drive traffic for your restaurant. The best part? We take on all the risks, and you reap all the benefits.

How much does your AI Customer Service and eCommerce cost?

Sign up for a 14-day free trial of our AI Customer Service and get our online ordering system free for life! No commitment—your trial cancels automatically if not used. If you find our AI customer service beneficial, continue for just $697 monthly, less than $1.00 per hour. It includes our AI managing and responding to your emails, SMS, Google Business Profile, live chat, Facebook, and Instagram messages, along with missed calls and AI executions. Automate repetitive tasks 24/7, reduce rising labor costs, and free up more time to focus on your guests.

Do I pay a delivery fee to third parties?

No, your guests can add a delivery fee at checkout, eliminating your need to pay. Most customers today are willing and able to pay for convenience; time is the only thing we can't get more of. We partner with Doordash and other driver networks to deliver food under your brand rather than ours.

Why would third-party platforms agree to deliver under our brand?

While third-party platforms may earn less per order, they enjoy higher profit margins without spending on marketing, refunds, customer support, managing payouts, etc. Additionally, the marketplace model has not been profitable for many third-party apps, so they are willing to go to a delivery on-demand model. This allows them to focus on what they do best—delivery.

Why is there a 15% markup on menu items ordered online?

That's a great question. A 15% menu markup covers development, hosting, SSL, updates, support, integration, transaction and gateway fees, local SEO, and ads, ensuring no cost to you. Although some may notice a slight price difference compared to in-store purchases, this markup supports the added convenience and benefits of online ordering. These benefits include time savings, delivery options, 24/7 access, exclusive packages, customization, control over your orders, and the opportunity to earn rewards. For most guests, these advantages make it worthwhile.

Our Competitors Only Provide Tools and Wish You Luck.




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